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In 2016, IPpay will no longer allow the older encryption standard, SSLv3, to connect to our gateway. An intrusive maintenance window will be sent out several weeks in advance as a reminder before the change is made. If you are currently using a 3rd party billing vendor (any of the billing systems listed here: http://www.converge-tech.com/category-s/1973.htm ), one of IPpay’s virtual terminals, a 3rd party gateway (Authorize.net, ePn, NMI, etc) or a desktop terminal (Hypercom, Verifone, Ingenico, etc), you may disregard this notice. All of our billing software partners have been informed of this update and this update does not apply to Virtual Terminals, 3rd party gateways or hard terminals.

If you have created your own custom in-house software or GUI, please make sure your IT department receives this communication and ensures they have made the update to TLS 1.1+ as soon as possible. This update can now be tested in our test environment. If you wish to do testing, please contact us for the test plan.

Information on this update by the PCI Security Council: