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Tycon Power Systems designs and manufactures remote power systems for outdoor applications utilizing solar and wind power and accessories including a variety of unique POE and power conversion. Tycon has systems ranging from UPSPro™ outdoor backup systems, which can be used in areas with unreliable power or when 100% uptime is required, to complete stand-alone power systems for remote areas or areas without economical access to grid power. Tycon also specializes in Power Over Ethernet power solutions including Passive and 802.3af/at Inserters, DC to DC Converters, Rack Mount MidSpan Inserters, Passive and 802.3af/at POE Switches, and solar controllers with built in DCDC and POE inserters.


Tycon Power Systems was founded in 2008 by Scott Parsons, former founder and CEO of Pacific Wireless, a leading supplier of antenna systems for the outdoor WLAN market. In 2013 Tycon was named on the list of INC 5000 fastest growing worldwide companies. Tycon Power Systems is located near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Product Details

•Remote Power Systems
•Solar Panels
•Wind turbines
•Polycarbonate Enclosures