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In today’s business economy the need for efficient communication between data systems is essential to increase margin. Your payment system should not be an exception.

No Gateway Needed

Gateways add an additional point of failure as well as an additional processing cost. With IPpay, communicate directly with the processing center. Eliminating the 3rd party gateways saves money by eliminating gateway fees and enabling interchange optimization.

Account Updater

IPpay Account Updater ensures uninterrupted recurring payments by seamlessly updating “card on file” account information without impacting cardholders. Cardholder account information changes occur for a variety of reasons, including card upgrades, bank portfolio conversions, card expirations, lost or stolen cards and account closures. IPpay Account Updater extends the life of recurring payment arrangements by helping secure ongoing, revenue-generating relationships, all while locking in revenue, reducing processing costs, maintaining service continuity and strengthening cardholder satisfaction.

Dynamic Descriptor

IPpay’s Dynamic “Soft” Descriptor functionality gives the merchant the ability to modify the statement descriptor on a per-transaction basis. Using this feature, the merchant gains the ability to change this information according to the merchant’s discretion per member type, sub-account, time, service type, business model, type of end-user or however the merchant sees fit.

IPpay’s Application Programming Interfaces

Use IPpay’s API to quickly integrate your systems with IPpay. Our around-the-clock test system allows you to feature test at anytime.

API Features Include:

º Sale
º Auth Only
º Capture
º Void
º Inquire
º Verified by Visa (VbV)
º MasterCard Secure Code (MCSC)
º And many more functions

Customized Field Reporting

Does your company need to capture non-standard data? With IPpay’s private reporting fields, IPpay will capture data and allow online report generation on your data. Standard fields include four fields of 64 characters each. You decide the type of information you need; IPpay captures and reports it.

XML Interface

The IPpay system is designed using extensible mark-up language (XML) to handle your high-speed processing needs. The flexibility of XML makes system adjustments easy and immediate to meet your business requirements. The XML-based system allows you to determine exactly the information you want to extract. We create reporting fields and produce the information in easy-to-access online reporting.

Because it is XML based, IPpay provides your business with flexible integration, ease of use, and the ability to adapt to virtually any Web site and application. It requires no special software, setup or special network connectivity. You can use your favorite programming language or tool to post your transactions. Everything you need to process and manage payment transactions is provided through the convenience of a Web browser.

Interchange Optimization

Is your current processor getting the best compliance on transactions? Let IPpay qualify every transaction at the optimum interchange rate. Even if your transaction is not compliant at settlement time, IPpay will work to clean it up prior to settlement with our Transaction Cleanup utility. This function can be invaluable to fulfillment centers that ship 48 hours or longer after the order is placed.