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Service Your Unserviceables

Service Your Unserviceables

Convergence Technologies has been serving the WISP industry through-out North America since 1995 offering a plethora of industry specific products and services. We have learned a great deal over those years and strive to make the WISP a bigger, better, faster, stronger entity. Our goal is to help you grow by delivering innovative products and services.

Addressing a Need

One of the things we’ve heard most from you is the impact of unserviceables. For some of you, that unserviceable population can be upwards of 30% or more. This represents a significant amount of lost customers and profits. With the lost time and effort, we know that this is a pain point within the industry.

We’ve heard your frustration and have worked hard to bring you a unique solution that will work for you and your unserviceable customers!

ViaSat Reseller Program

We’re excited to announce a brand-new ViaSat WISP Reseller Agreement with Exede Internet. With a variety of popular and competitively priced high speed plans, the Exede Reseller program provides WISPs with the solution for unserviceable customers that you’ve been looking for. The program also offers WISP’s great margins – now your previously unserviceable customers can become profitable new customers.

The Exede Reseller Program is an exclusive offer made available only through Convergence Technologies.

We are not asking you to change your business model in any shape or form. In fact, it should be business as usual. However, with the WISP Reseller Agreement, you can now say, “yes” to those previously unserviceable customers. This program virtually eliminates your unserviceable customer base allowing you to significantly grow your business. Think of the additional revenue you can generate through this program offering specifically designed towards the WISP!

Program highlights include:
  • The ability to sell more customers
  • You own the customer
  • No customer contracts or quotas
  • Competitive & popular, high speed plans
  • You set the pricing - use your own brand
  • Excellent margins with low cost hardware

Say goodbye to lost sales and profits. Say hello to the new ConVergence / Exede WISP Reseller Program.

Call us today to get started: 844-251-3583